Day 03
Data Quality
& Governance
Delivering the excellence in data
Watch the Recorded Session on Data Profiling and Improving Data Quality
Customer case
Catering to each and every traveler at Air France-KLM Group
Real-time data collection to meet every customer’s specific travel needs
Air France-KLM Group is a leading global player in the aviation industryб that serves 90 millions and 27 millions flying Blue Reward program members. The AirFrance-KLM Group has 16 million fans on Facebook and 3 million followers on X (Twitter). The most significant challenge for the Customer Data Team was to re-centralize all client information in order to enable it to be able to share it with all Air France-KLM Group agents.

With Big Data and Talend platform, AirFrance-KLM Group offers ‘made-just-for-me’ travel experiences, from purchase planning through the postflight stage, with 1 million data corrections handled every month, ensuring data quality.

See the 3-minute video for more details:
Each and every traveler is unique. With our Big Data and Talend platform, we offer ‘made-just-for-me’ travel experiences, from purchase planning through the postflight stage.
— Gauthier Le Masne,
Chief Customer Data Officer, Air France-KLM Group
Data Quality with Talend in Air France-KLM Group
  • 10x increase in speed

    in the time it takes to access customer data

  • 1 million data corrections

    handled every month, ensuring data quality
  • tens of millions of travelers

    getting unique experiences every year
Data Quality & Data Governance with Qlik Talend
A single source of enriched, trusted data to meet compliance with data protection regulations
Organisations rely on data to function effectively. However, they face a number of challenges, including fragmented data sources, incomplete and inaccurate data, limited resources, and complex needs and pressures to meet internal standards and external regulatory requirements.
Every organisation is looking for a way to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Boosting operational efficiency and agility requires accurate, reliable data and streamlined data access without any friction.
It is also essential to maintain regulatory compliance without compromise, which requires advanced data security and compliance controls.
To improve decision-making and competitiveness, it is vital to establish and maintain data quality and governance practices throughout the organisation. This can be effectively achieved through the implementation of a 360-degree, pervasive data quality and governance platform.
Finally, to promote organisational transparency and trust, it is crucial to create an environment where data quality and governance is a team sport.

This process of establishing data excellence requires a combination of data quality and data governance. Initially, an organisation may start with data quality tools and add data governance tools as the business matures.

Data quality and governance is not a one-off exercise, but an ongoing process - self-service capabilities are also needed to ensure that everyone in the organisation can participate in the data quality and governance process. Of course, stewardship activities will play an important role in establishing data excellence throughout the initiative.

Talend brings data integration, integrity, and governance together in a single modular platform, supported by a strong partner ecosystem and services infrastructure — Talend Data Fabric.
Talend Data Fabric a suite of connected applications that can be scaled to any need and any team’s size and complexity. It is security-focused, connects with most data sources, formats, and types of data, on-premises or in the cloud. It supports all kinds of processing models, including cloud, hybrid, and edge computing. It's open source, flexible, and future-proof. Finally, Talend is cloud-first platform. This is all delivered in a managed platform. Talend also supports remote processing.

Data Quality capabilities

As an integral component of Talend Data Fabric, Data Quality profiles, cleanses, and masks data in real time. The use of machine learning enables the generation of recommendations for the resolution of data quality issues as data flows through your systems. The user-friendly self-service interface is equally accessible to both business and technical users, fostering collaboration across the entire company.
Talend Data Quality products include:
  • Talend Cloud Data Inventory
  • Talend Cloud Data Preparation
  • Talend Open Studio
Data profiling: enables the rapid identification of data quality issues, the discovery of hidden patterns, and the detection of anomalies through the use of summary statistics and graphical representations.
Cleaning: Talend employs machine learning to automatically cleanse incoming data, performing deduplication, validation, and standardisation.
Talend Trust Score: the built-in Talend Trust Score provides an immediate, explainable, and actionable assessment of confidence, enabling you to identify which datasets require additional data cleansing and which can be shared safely.
Enriching: Talend can enrich data by joining it with details from external sources such as postal validation codes or business identification.
Enabling security: Given the significant costs associated with a data breach, Talend enables users to share data with trusted individuals on-premises or in the cloud, while maintaining the confidentiality of personally identifiable information (PII).
Masking: Data Quality safeguards sensitive data with built-in masking, ensuring compliance with internal and external data privacy and data protection regulations.

Data Governance capabilities

Inadequate or poorly managed data can impair business decision-making and the development of effective digital experiences. Talend provides a unified platform to help fight data chaos. It enables users to discover, federate, share, and automate critical data quality tasks, freeing up time for more business-critical tasks.

In order for data to be useful, it must be clean, compliant, and accessible. Therefore, data integrity and governance are essential capabilities of the Talend Data Fabric platform. Automated quality checks and browser-based, point-and-click tools enable business users to share and capture legacy knowledge, enhancing the trustworthiness of the data.

No matter if you're modernising your cloud data infrastructure, ensuring regulatory compliance or developing your internal data marketplace, Talend Data Fabric can support you in achieving your goals.
Talend Data governance products are:
  • Talend Data Catalog
  • Talend Data Inventory
  • Talend Cloud Data Stewardship
Data Catalog: The solution allows users to monitor data both within the cloud and outside of it. It provides comprehensive visibility into the history of any data set, offering users a clear understanding of past actions and changes.

The Data Catalog automatically performs a comprehensive crawl, profiling, organisation, linking, and enrichment of all your metadata. Up to 80% of the information associated with the data is documented automatically and kept up-to-date through smart relationships and machine learning, ensuring that the most current data is delivered to the user at all times.
Data Inventory: Collect all your data in the cloud and provide your team with a centralised, automated hub for trusted data.

With simple tools for data and metadata management, your data consumers, data scientists, and data stewards can easily locate and enhance the data they require in a shared, collaborative workspace.
Data Stewardship: Capture and share valuable insights from business users who are experts in their respective fields, and leverage their knowledge to drive informed decisions.

Talend Data Stewardship facilitates collaboration through a team-based workflow, enabling users to define priorities and track progress on data projects across the organisation. Any user can clean, certify, and reconcile data, and delegate tasks to the most appropriate individuals.
  • 10%

    annual savings thanks to Talend (Covanta)

  • 100x scale up

    ventilator production (Vyaire)

  • 3 weeks

    data product delivery instead of 12 months (Beneva)
Test your dataset with Talend Trust Assessor
Say goodbye to doubts about data quality: test this out on your .csv file

The Talend Trust Assessor evaluates the reliability of your data, and gives you quantified feedback on three critical aspects of your data:

  • Validity: Is your data correctly formatted and stored in the right way?
  • Completeness: Does your dataset include values for all the fields required by your system?
  • Uniqueness: Is your data free from duplicates and dummy entries?

When you know that you can trust your data, you can make informed strategic business decisions with confidence. Assess your test .csv dataset now.

Address validation and geocoding with Talend Data Quality
Sign up for a Talend Cloud free trial account, if don't have one. Step-by-step guide on accessing Talend Cloud free trial is published in the Day 1 of Data Integration Week.
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